Seriously Wacko Christian Websites

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1. Christian Absurdist Perspectives

R2-D2 is the mute false god Baal

Yoda is Satan

2. Bizarre Apologetic Sites

Proof that Jesus's Name is on His Thigh

3. Fear and Paranoia in the Name of Jesus

End Times Apostasy Database A treasure trove of shame and fear

4. Christian Quick Fixes

How to cast out the demon of alcohol

Ethics made simple Your very own robotic advisor!
Biblical studies made simple The Bible Answer Machine!!!

5. Strange Christian Preoccupations

The dangers of moving one's body "If dancing was wrong in 1915 can it be right in the ‘90s?"

Satanic influences in Christian music "Did you know that Comtemporary Christian music is an ABOMINATION to the Lord?"
Christmas is bad "Christmas is both Roman Catholic and Satanic at the same time."

6. Just Plain Strange

The Jesus Diet

The Death Penalty, the 10 Commandments and Population Control

Audio from Hell.

Apparition of Jesus on a bloody bandage

Klingons for Christ

Who can contribute to the Family Values Party

Great Pyramid Upper Passage
The Book of Numbers, includes a mathematical electromagnetic frequency code for "miracles"

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